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This is Dan's --  ---  Cooking web page !!!

OK; so, the site was paid for before I titled it and now it serves as an idea catch all!
Eventually the lawns will be mowed for $9.99; someday, in not too distant future.

Cooking Web Page

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(1L) Javi-Cart - Click on the image for a larger view. Mission statement also presented.

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(2L) This is a photo of some very basic cooking tools.

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(2R) Cold Ham and Cheese Sandwich CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE A pdf SLIDE SHOW. You will need to scroll down the page to see all the slides. We're just practicing here we'll get complicated stuff up in the near future. This edit is being made on 2-9-2014 so if a bunch of time goes by and nothing happens contact Dan at the Yahoo cooking blog website.
(3L) TACOS FOR FAMILY. At the moment this is merely pictures instructions will be coming soon. Basically you make a lettuce and tomato salad and toss in some chopped boiled chicken into a big bowl and then stuff your taco shells.
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Click this large thumbnail to see a large collage of a bunch of food.
(3R) Several w guard.

(4L) Wings fill in the space between
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(4R)This is an aggressive Cake  Notice the pikes
inserted on the top.

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(5L) Tacos and Enchiladas.

(5R) Click here to see

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